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    EASY PASS is the title of the card used in the Electronic Toll Collection System or ETC., that is the latest technology of the system of the Expressway Authority of Thailand (Kor.Tor.Por.). It is used to solve the traffic congestion problem at the checkpoint area. The user can pass through the special channel, with the sign “Easy Pass” promptly, which can facilitate and increase the new channel option for users of the Expressway.

      ETC system is operated for toll collection for expressway, which is divided into 2 systems: open and close systems. Open system is to do toll collection at one rate, at the entrance of the check point, and the close system is the toll collection, according to the distance at the end of checkpoint. This system is without the staff, for the toll collection. The people who want to use the service must open an account, and fill in the reserved money, in advance, for 300 baht at least, in order to reserve it to pay for the expressway toll collection. The cancellation of the guarantee of the damage of the Easy Pass card and Smart Card can be done, effective 14 July, 2012 on.